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Vintage French storage tins

Price: $75.00
12 French vintage ebony knives

Price: $350.00

French vintage set of 12 Fruitwood handled French knives

Price: $275.00
Christofle vintage ebony knives

Price: $499.00

Twelve French Vintage Butter Knives

Price: $275.00
French vintage teapot

Price: $110.00

ONE Antique French conversation plate. Set of 10 available

Price: $25.00
French kitchen apron and 2 towels

Price: $90.00

French antique leg of lamb holder, mange a gigot

Price: $75.00
French antique serving set, fork, knife,manche a gigot

Price: $150.00

French vintage white porcelain pitcher

Price: $75.00
French vintage canister set five pieces

Price: $225.00

French vintage set of Christofle silverware

Price: $499.00
Antique French transferware plate

Price: $55.00

Three French vintage coffee cups and saucers

Price: $95.00
French kitchen towel with eggplant colored baby garlic

Price: $45.00

French artichoke and radish kitchen towel

Price: $45.00
French spring onion kitchen towel

Price: $45.00

French kitchen towel with eiffel tower design
Price: $40.00
Eiffel tower with fireworks kitchen towel
Price: $40.00

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