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French antique apothecary bottles
French antique apothecary bottles
These highly collectible apothecary bottles are becoming harder to harder to find in the condition these are in.  The labels are gorgeous and the bottles have no chips or damage.
The price is for two bottles.
It is likely these bottles were used in a French pharmacy, you know the kind we love to shop in with the green cross on the sign.
They are from the late 19th century and the pharmacist would store the medication in these bottles and disperse what was needed to the customer.  You will probably recognize "zinc oxide" and "boric acid", still available today.
They are considered industrial size with the larger one being 10 inches tall and the smaller one 8 inches tall. 
Imagine them on a shelf in your bathroom or guest bathroom, they would be fabulous there.
Price: $125.00

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