The Founder

They say that life is a journey and mine has been an extraordinary one.  From Dallas, Texas to Malibu, California to Deer Valley, Utah and finally the French Countryside.  I have enjoyed and experienced some of the best that life has to offer.

While residing in Dallas with my husband and four wonderful children, I was known as the entertainer-in-residence.  I adored giving dinner parties, cooking gourmet meals and the art of interior design.  I soon turned this passion into a successful business.  My company, Audrey Table Linens, began with an idea that produced large orders from Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales and soon blossomed into one of the most successful home furnishing companies in the country.  As the licensee for Ralph Lauren, Lenox China and Royal Doulton as well as producing table linens for Martha Stewart at Kmart plus aisles of product at Target stores.  My customer looked like the Who’s Who of retail.

My successful business allowed me to travel, explore and discover.  I’ve always been curious, always had a sense of adventure and always made wonderful friends along the way.  I’ve climbed in the Himalayas, discovered Dal Bat in Katmandu, pigeon in China Pachamanca (meat that is cooked for hours in a hole covered with hot stones) in Peru and shopped for antiques in Hong Kong on Hollywood Road.

I climbed the Great Wall of China in Beijing, traveled down the Yangtze River in what I thought would be a cruise ship,  of course I came prepared with lovely cruise wear.  Instead it was a relic from the Communist era that we had to get out and push when the water became too shallow.  

Yes, I was enamored with Paris, as we all are, and had an apartment on L’ile Saint Louis.  The city was bustling, energized, glamorous and chock full of the fashion, design and great shopping finds I always seek.  But my greatest find of all was my fifteenth century Chateau in the Perigord ,aka Dordogne, region of France.  Nestled in fields of lavender and sunflowers, in a quaint village of country France, this would become a special, beautiful place for my family to come home to. 

The Chateau became a labor of love and it certainly needed a passionate and dedicated owner.  It was virtually a ruin when I bought it and in the course of a year, with the help of a Beaux-Arts architect, we brought it back to life.  We maintained as many of the original features as possible, including aged wooden beams, stone floors and fireplaces in every room.  We then restored the original winding stone staircase. 

The one exception?  The kitchen.  We built a large modern kitchen because the gourmand in me needed it-and my family and friends expected it.  

Now I split my time between Dallas and the Dordogne, and somehow the combination works.  I spend my time entertaining friends and going to the Brocantes to find the treasures I am bringing you on my web site FRENCH VINTAGE HOME.

I continue to entertain, travel and seek out treasures for French Vintage Home- as it should be.